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Welcome to Everything Isshinryu!
Everything Isshinryu is the most comprehensive index to Isshinryu Karate resources on the internet. Check back often, as I am always adding more links. If you have a site relevant to Isshinryu Karate that I don't have listed, please email me at , and I will add it to Everything Isshinryu.
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Rob Jacob

New Book!
Beyond Black Belt Book
by Hanshi William Duessel and Don Washabaugh.
Check it out here.

Cool Book and DVD!
Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training
by Thomas Kurz.
I bought this book and am implementing the stretching ideas into my daily routine. I have been told good things about the book and the ideas inside. It is still early, but I think I am making progress. The author also has a DVD titled Secrets Of Stretching that is helpful as well.
Check out the book or the DVD.

Just Published!
Introduction To The Original Isshinryu Karate System
by Harry G. Smith.
This book contains: the origin of karate, history of Isshinryu karate, training insights, introduction to the Eightfold Path and very rare photographs of Tatsuo Shimabukuro and first generation students.
Read more about it...

Just Published!
Martial Arts Biographies: An Annotated Bibliography
by Rob Jacob. The first comprehensive bibliography of martial arts biographies. Hundreds of books referenced. A must for researchers, readers, collectors, and libraries.
Check it out at, or check out the website I created for the book.

Great Video!
Stand-Up & Ground Fighting Submission & Finishing Tactics Volume One
From Clyde Stanley with Daryn Clark. This video shows in step by step detail how to connect stand-up & ground-fighting techniques. It is jam-packed with dozens of rarely seen submission & finishing tactics that can easily be incorporated into any martial arts system.
Check it out

New DVD!
Insights Into Seisan Kata DVD
Sensei Matt Dorsey, 6th dan Isshin Ryu karate, demonstrates and explains this fundamental kata of Okinawan karate.

Great Book!
Kata and the Transmission of Knowledge : In Traditional Martial Arts
by Michael J. Rosenbaum.
This book explains how the use of Kata and prearranged training rituals evolved. It examines the relationship and similarities between Kata, dance and poetry.
Read more about it...

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